MOHELA Accessibility

MOHELA has a strong commitment to providing our users with a website experience that is accessible to all. We continually make improvements to our website as we strive to be Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 compliant. This effort is ongoing.

Summary of Accessibility Features

  • Adherence to the ADA standards for color contrast

  • Navigation to main content by use of skip navigation links

  • Keyboard access of interactive elements on the website

  • Forms and inputs on the website provide informative instructions and appropriate error messaging

  • Images have alternative text

  • Website pages have meaningful titles

  • Heading structures are logical and provide sufficient meaning for page topics

  • Table row and column headings are clearly identified

  • Compatibility with screen readers for these accessibility features

Alternate Formats

Current and prospective borrowers are entitled to receive any student loan related communication or document in an accessible, alternative format. Borrowers interested in receiving student aid forms, student loan statements, notices, written communications, and publications in alternative formats should contact us directly at 1.888.866.4352 or by email at MOHELA offers various alternative formats such as Braille, large print, audio CD, and digital navigable formats supported by computers and digital talking-book players, delivered through data CD, email, or other electronic means.